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Welcome to Scoot Virtual - Please Log In to see the Forums.
Scoot Virtual is a virtual aviation community for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, Prepar3D and Xplane. We are the first virtual airline to simulate the real world operations of the Scoot Airline and some of its Value Alliance partner airlines.
Our flights are completed offline using a state of the art flight tracking system or online via the VATSIM and IVAO networks. We welcome anyone to join Scoot Virtual with a passion for aviation and all levels of experience. 

Our Crew Room is a closed forum and only accessible to Scoot Virtual members. You can register on our website

If you are already registered and having trouble accessing the forum, please remember to login using your full name or email address as your username, and the password you registered on the website with. All Crew Room accounts are created automatically upon registration. 

Thank You,
[Image: TGW001.png]

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