Crew Information
Pilot ID: TGW184
Name: Mazmur The
Rank: Second Officer
Date of Hire: 18/07/2019
Crew Base: WSSS
From: Singapore Singapore
Status: Active
Flight Information
Total Hours: 42.4h
Total Flights: 14
Avg. Landing: -169.47 ft/min
Passengers: 3886
Mazmur's latest flights
Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Submitted Status
TGG91841 YBCS YPDN A319-100 (9V-TRB) 02.15 14/12/2019
Approval Pending
TGG91841 YBBN YBCS A319-100 (9V-TRB) 02.00 13/12/2019
Approval Pending
TGG91841 YSSY YBBN A320-200 (VH-VNO) 01.09 12/12/2019
Approval Pending
TGG758 YPPH YSSY A320-200 (VH-VND) 03.48 11/12/2019
Approval Pending
TGW8 WSSS YPPH B787-900 (9V-OJB) 04.46 10/12/2019
Approval Pending
TGW453 WMKK WSSS A319-100 (9V-TRA) 00.35 24/11/2019
TGW452 WSSS WMKK A319-100 (9V-TRB) 00.32 25/10/2019
TGW866 WSSS VTBD B777-200 (9V-OTC) 02.06 27/09/2019
TGW469B WMKK WSSS A320-200 (9V-TRI) 00.36 26/09/2019
TGW452 WSSS WMKK A320-200 (9V-TRI) 00.31 24/09/2019
Mazmur's Awards
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