Supported Platforms

We are proud to provide support for the following flight simulation platforms: 


Some of our features

> Accurate schedules and aircraft offering a variety of real-world destinations.

> Optional Simbrief flight dispatch for any booked flight through our Simbrief integration.

> The most reliable ACARS system on the market, customised for Scoot Virtual pilots.

> Access to our Operations Center, a central portal personalised for our pilots.

> Discounts for all Scoot Virtual pilots through our partner companies.

> Easy accessible online pilot handbook. No more downloading pdfs or word files!

> No extra registration required for access to our crew Room and other features.

> Option to Plan and book your flights through our customised electronic booking map.

> Challenging tours and group events.

> Complete your flights online or offline, the choice is yours.

> Pilot awards for reaching milestones, personal achievements and events.

> Custom flight tracking page to view all of our live flights in progress.

> A download Center with access to all our aircraft, liverys and operational materials.

> A Crew Room, Facebook page and Steam group for members to socialise through.

> Daily backups of all your data on our Super fast Dell servers.

Our Partners